While talking to my aunt on the phone she gave me this great recipe of hot chocolate that I wanted to share with you guys. It’s a cookies and cream flavored hot chocolate. It’s great for this cold season and who doesn’t love hot chocolate. Ranging from kids to adult will love this recipe; I know that I do. It is very simple and easy to make and you don’t need too many ingredients.


2 cups milk

8tbsp hot cocoa powder (or depending on how chocolaty you like it use more or less)

4-6 Oreo cookies

Whip cream (if desired)


Serves 2

Pre heat milk, once warm pour it in the blender add the amount of cocoa powder desired and Oreo cookies into the blender. Once all is well mixed/ blended pour it in a pot to warm it again if it’s too cool. When warmed just serve and enjoy!


Cookies and Cream Hot Chocolate


My favorite Puertorican food!


As a typical puertorican we like partying drinking and eating. Although I can sometimes be a picky eater I enjoy discovering, inventing and tasting new recipes. My all time favorites would be Puerto Rican cuisine. Puerto Rican cuisine may sound obvious since I grew up eating that but the food is so rich in flavor because of the variety of seasoning that we use and mix up all together. Puertorican’s while cooking must have the following seasonings: “Adobo” which is a powder made with peper, slat and onions and is mostly used to season the meats but we like to use it in other stuff such as yellow rice and beans to give it that extra boost of flavor. “Sofrito” is a pureed mix of onions, garlic, green peppers and cilantro. This is used for yellow rice, beans soups and stews. Another ingredient that is a must have in a puertorican’s kitchen is the “Sazon” once again a powdered mixture used to give color and extra flavoring to food. And it is used on all the food mentioned above.

My favorite puertorican food would be rice with “gandules” roasted pork and “pasteles”. My second favorite meal would be “mofongo” which is fried green plantains then mashed for that crunchy/ soft textured. Those would be my all time favorite meals. For appetizer we like eating “bacalaitos” which is tiny pieces of codfish mixed with water, flour, salt and a hint of sazon. Mixing all of these ingredients will create a batter similar to a pancake mix. Then you pour oil in a pan and pour the mix so they can fry and you have a crunchy and delicious appetizer.

Another typical meal would be white rice with red beans and fried pork chops. For the side of almost all of our meals we like eating “amarillitos” which is fried riped plantains or fried green plantains which are known for “tostones”.  Another type of rice that puertorican’s eat a lot is yellow rice with white beans in it and “mamposteao” rice. For dessert we have a large variety of traditional desserts such as “tembleque” “casuela” “dulce de papaya” “arroz con leche” and many other desserts the list continues.

Since rice with “gandules” is the traditional puertorican rice I will share the recipe with you guys.


2 slices of bacon or ½ cup of cooking ham chopped

½ cup onions chopped

½ cup green pepper chopped

2 clove of garlic minced

1 15oz. can Goya green pigeon peas (gandules) undrained

1 packet sazon Goya with cilantro & achiote

½ cup Goya tomato sauce

3 cups water

2cups rice


Heat large skillet over medium heat. Ad bacon, onions, and peppers and cook for about three minutes. Stir in garlic and cook two minutes longer. Add remaining ingredients EXEPCT rice and bring to a boil. Stir in rice; cover and reduce heat simmer for about twenty minutes or until rice is tender. (Serves 8) 

Enjoy! 😀

ImageRice with gandules and roasted pork


Full name: Cindy Marie Soto Méndez

Born: June 22

Age: 20


I was born and raised in Puerto Rico. I have amazing parents and a sister that love me and support me in my every decision. I consider myself spontaneous, outgoing, down to earth, sometimes shy person. I married my High school sweetheart at the age of nineteen. I currently live in Okinawa, Japan I’ve lived here for three months and I absolutely love it. we moved from Puerto Rico to Japan because my husband is in the Air force and they stationed us in Japan we are supposed to be living here for three years.

I started my degree at the University of Puerto Rico majoring in Biology I didn’t like what I was doing my degree on so I changed my major to communications with a minor in public relations at SNHU and I love it.  With my degree I plan to finish my bachelor start my master and find a public affairs job with the federal government or on social media. I used to be a college cheerleader and I like all sports. On my spare time I like to search for recipes get creative and bake I have too much of a sweet tooth.

My main priorities in life are completing my degree, be the best I can be and someday have kids. I consider my life has been great and that I’ve had amazing opportunities in it. Living in Japan has been a challenge getting used to having a typhoon almost every weekend for a consecutive month and by also getting used to spend weekends alone at home because my husband is working weekend duties on a twelve-hour shift. Other than that the adjustment has been quite easy and quick the hard part was getting used to the time difference.




You think you know me